The Top Bookkeepers and Accountants in Parkland, FL

The Top Bookkeepers and Accountants in Parkland, FL

Accountant Parkland, FLUnderstanding the difference between bookkeeping and accounting is empowering as a business owner, but it’s also important to understand the kinds of credentials accountants and bookkeepers have in order to determine how or when to use each.

Friedman Accounting, Inc. not only has qualified accountants, but bookkeepers in Parkland as well. If your need accounting or bookkeeping services, contact Friedman Accounting, Inc. at (954) 752-3889. Or stop by our offices at 8634 NW 59th Place, Parkland, FL 33067.

The Bookkeeper: Typically, bookkeepers in Parkland, FL are required to have between two and four years of experience or an associate’s degree. In order to be successful in their work, bookkeepers need to be sticklers for accuracy, and knowledgeable about key financial topics. Usually, the bookkeeper’s work is overseen by either an accountant or the small business owner whose books they are doing.

The Accountant: To qualify for the title of accountant, generally an individual must have a bachelor’s degree in accounting. For those that don’t have a specific degree in accounting, finance degrees are often considered an adequate substitute. Accountants, unlike bookkeepers, are also eligible to acquire additional professional certifications. For example, accountants with sufficient experience and education can obtain the title of Certified Public Accountant (CPA), one of the most common types of accounting designations. To become a CPA, an accountant must pass the Uniform Certified Public Accountant exam and possess experience as a professional accountant.
The Bottom Line

A successful marriage between bookkeeping and accounting will contribute to the long-term financial success of the business. Organized financial records and properly balanced finances produced by the bookkeeping and accounting processes are both key factors to this success. Some business owners learn to manage their finances on their own, but you can opt to hire Friedman Accounting, Inc. Give us a call today at (954) 752-3889.

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