Quality Accounting and Bookkeeping Services in Parkland, FL

Quality Accounting and Bookkeeping Services in Parkland, FL

Where can you get quality accounting, tax, and financial management services in South Florida? The answer is Friedman Accounting, Inc. in Parkland, FL. Since 1982, Friedman Accounting, Inc. has had our accounting and bookkeeping services designed and set to make jobs go easier. By handling a company’s accounting and payroll, we are giving their head department more time to focus on building their business in Florida. Friedman Accounting, Inc. has several individualized services for small businesses in industries like real estate accounting, legal accounting, hospitality accounting, manufacturing and wholesale trade accounting, and other service businesses. These services have given Friedman Accounting, Inc.’s staff the ability to address your industry’s specific challenges, compliance needs, and industry standard tax practices.

Why Do I Need Accounting and Bookkeeping?

Freidman Accounting, Inc. has QuickBooks Certified Pro Advisors. We are also certified by the National Association of Tax Professions, Payroll Administrators, and the Series 215 License Life Health and Variable Annuities. It is important for our customers to know that our team is QuickBooks Certified. QuickBooks is a computer software was developed by Intuit. It is used for accounting purposes for businesses. It is a helpful financial management system. It maintains a record of any company’s accounting in a structured and highly organized way. With QuickBooks, Friedman Accounting, Inc. can look over a business’ budget, profit and loss standards, and customer/client information.

Some of the other accounting services of Friedman Accounting, Inc. include the following:

  • Pensions Plan Reports
  • Payroll
  • All levels of tax preparation services and advice
  • Client training
  • Establishment of Internal Control Systems
  • Bookkeeping
  • Development of financial strategies
  • And more.

The accountants at Friedman Accounting, Inc. are passionate about helping other businesses create actionable strategies that will provide growth and more focus on their future goals. Friedman Accounting, Inc. serves the business, its owner and its executives. We provide our services to businesses of all sizes – small or large. Our accountants at Friedman Accounting keeps up with the federal tax changes and we know how to handle business taxes.

For more details on one of the services provided by Friedman Accounting, Inc., you can visit our Parkland office located at 8634 NW 59 Place, Parkland, FL 33067.  You can call them too at (954) 752-3889.  Call Friedman Accounting, Inc. today and get your business started on a new financial journey.

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