Why Do You Need the Accounting Services of Friedman Accounting?

Why Do You Need the Accounting Services of Friedman Accounting?


Friedman Accounting, Inc. offers their full-time accounting services to Parkland residents. Since 1982, Friedman Accounting, Inc. has continued to serve the South Florida community with its Accounting and financial needs. They specialize in business accounting and personal income taxes. With Friedman Accounting, Inc., your business will get local, personalize and responsive accounting and financial management service from Parkland’s ’most dedicated professionals. Their team is passionate about helping small businesses succeed. They will help businesses build actionable strategies that will provide rapid growth, while at the same time keeping in mind their future goals.

Friedman Accounting, Inc. has a specialized staff that are also certified Quickbooks ProAdvisors. They will prepare all of your company’s financial statements. Their knowledgeable Parkland accountants know about all levels of Tax preparation; they can offer tax preparation advice, too. Need assistance with payroll? There’s no need to worry. Friedman Accounting, Inc. provides payroll services, as well as estate services, pension plan reports, and maintenance of cash disbursement, cash receipts and general ledger accounting. The development of Financial Strategies is a task that Friedman Accounting, Inc. can take care of for you.

Some of their additional accounting services include:

  • Establishment of Internal Control Systems
  • Monitoring and training on the use of management accounting techniques
  • Financing Assistance for Expanding or Launching New Ventures
  • Implementation of Accounting Systems
  • Client representation at IRS and state tax audits
  • Client Training
  • Business Consulting, Reviews & Advice

So the question remains: Why do you need the accounting services of Friedman Accounting, Inc.? The answer is quite simple. Friedman Accounting, Inc. will offer a helping hand with your finances, so that you can focus more on getting new clients and customers. Friedman Accounting, Inc. is located on 8634 NW 59th Place, Parkland, FL 33067. Call them today at (954) 752-3889 or visit their Parkland office to learn about how easy it can be to manage a business when Friedman Accounting, Inc. is watching you’re your financial needs.

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