Looking for the Top Payroll Services Parkland has to Offer?

Looking for the Top Payroll Services Parkland has to Offer?

If you are in need of a payroll service provider, look no further. Friedman Accounting, Inc. has KMF Payroll Solutions. This payroll program provides comprehensive solutions for all of your payroll needs. This specific type of Parkland payroll service provides personalized service and support to fit your business’ unique needs. It is easy and convenient payroll services that can be found only through Friedman Accounting, Inc. in Parkland, FL.

With KMF Payroll Solutions, you leave all of your payroll in the hands of an experienced payroll company. Friedman Accounting, Inc. in Parkland, FL will make sure all of your employers get paid for the correct amount of hours they work. They have worked with businesses of all shapes and sizes. Friedman Accounting, Inc. understands the important function payroll plays in the business.

Here is a list of payroll services you can get from Friedman Accounting, Inc.

  • Check writing and delivery
  • Quarterly reporting for IRS and Florida
  • Year-end documents (W-2s, W-3s, and 940s)
  • Direct Deposit
  • Human Resource Management
  • Benefits Administration
  • Tax and Compliance
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Pre-Employment services
  • Retirement Services

If you are interested in Friedman Accounting, Inc.’s payroll services, known as KMF Payroll Solutions, call Friedman Accounting, Inc. in Parkland, FL at (954) 752-3889. Friedman Accounting, Inc. also offers businesses with tax preparation services, financial management services, and accounting services. Parkland bookkeepers and accountants are standing by and ready to help your business more forward and get more successful than it is now.

You can get a free estimate for their payroll services. Answering just a few easy questions can tell you how much money you can possibly save with Friedman Accounting, Inc. as your payroll company. When you call Friedman Accounting, Inc., be sure to ask about their referral program. Feel free to visit their office as well. They are located on 8634 NW 59 place, Parkland, FL 33067. Let Friedman Accounting, Inc. make your life less taxing.

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